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Healthy Lifestyles Media and its sites may periodically offer samples of its own or business partner products for market testing. PLEASE NOTE: These are not “get-paid-to-review-products” programs. There is no compensation in exchange for reviews or hidden incentives to encourage only good reviews. We simply want to know if our audience likes what we offer, and if not, why. You do get to keep the items you review but know that they are small things, so don’t get excited–we’re not sending out Ninja blenders or anything like that.


Some products, services, or sources mentioned are things we’ve personally tried, liked, and highly recommend to others. Some of these may be affiliate programs from whom Healthy Lifestyles Media receives compensation in exchange for promoting their products. This compensation goes to support our sites and publications, and to provide you with new and improved content and services.

Ads are sometimes used to promote products and services specific to a project, course, or program you participate in on this site, so if you use ad blockers on your devices, you may wish to allow these ads so you can access things you may need. Please note that we choose  affiliates on the basis of quality, relevancy, and good reputation.

Transactions with these affiliates are completely secure. We don’t receive any personally-identifying transaction information when you order from a vendor. On that note, any issues will need to be resolved through your direct contact to the vendor. This is another level of ensuring your privacy. However, we do want to know about any problems you have so we can also look into the issue and review any action we need to take. See the Support page for contact information.

As mentioned above, revenue from affiliate sales goes toward supporting the Healthy Lifestyles Media group’s operations.  It does not  (yet) support a beach-side cottage in the French Riviera but if it ever does, we’ll invite everyone to a big Customer Appreciation bash.


All discussions will be conducted with respect, kindness, tolerance, and civil behavior*. Anyone found to be acting outside of these guidelines will be warned, and will then be banned if uncivil behavior continues after the warning. Serious trouble will be reported to appropriate authorities. So be nice or be escorted from the playground.

*Civil behavior = NO bigotry, racism, bullying, pornography, foul language, belittling others, name-calling, harassment or anything else that you would not want to have done unto you.

Anyone finding a post containing any of the above offenses, please report the post as soon as you see it to the admin email address on the Contact Us page.

We trust that most of you are here because you’re interested in wellness and like the content you find so it’s likely that you’re not a troublemaker. But there are always those who like to climb on a soapbox and spew venom so this message is for Those People.


Regarding mailings, Healthy Lifestyles Media strives to be a “green company” so we don’t do massive paper postal mailings. When we do use print and paper, we use recycled and natural fiber-based papers and ecologically-friendly printing processes.

We do the same with promotional products like key chains, notepads or water bottles. We like recycled earth-friendly materials and we like cool stuff that won’t get tossed in the garbage. We also use recycled boxes and packing materials when shipping our own products.

And we mail only to people who want the mailings. We don’t like wasting resources by sending things that weren’t requested to people who will only toss them out. If you ever receive anything you didn’t opt in for, please let us know.

We invite our members to join us in using our Planet’s resources wisely.